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Regents Park: You Rocked It! Rock Challenge 2016

What a fantastic performance from Regents Park students at Rock Challenge 2016! The dancers decided to explore the challenging theme of Alzheimers and their performance of this issue was so powerful it left members of the audience in tears. The choreography was tender, dynamic and poignant. Well done to Mrs Anibaba who empowered and encouraged students in developing such a creative interpretation and a big thanks to Mrs Jones for spending hours over a sewing machine stitching the amazing costumes.

Regents Park left with an armful of awards and certificates, for everything from the excellent concept, the choreography to the amazing set design…

We would like to extend our thanks to all the staff and students involved in this event and to those who cheered on our dancers from the audience seats. The support from our ex-students was very welcome, some tweeted and some joined staff and current students to watch the event live.

Big Commitment: Big Thanks to Mrs Ballard

Extra recognition should go to Mrs. Ballard who this year received her own special Rock Challenge certificate for 20 years of supporting this event. Regents Park would like to recognise Mrs Ballard’s commitment and thank her for giving students this opportunity.

Regents Park has a long history of successfully competing in Rock Challenge, a school highlight for many students. Events such as these would not happen without the enthusiasm and dedication of Mrs Ballard, Mrs Anibaba, Ms Jones and all the staff who give up their time to help choreograph routines, rehearse, sew costumes and paint sets.

RPCC's Rock Challenge Rewards

RPCC’s Rock Challenge Rewards

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