Year 7 Catch-up Funding


Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Funding
The literacy and numeracy catch-up funding provides schools with an additional £500 for each Year 7 student who did not achieve at least Level 4 in reading and/or Maths at the end of Key Stage 2. In 2016 those students who entered Regents Park with below level 4 in English and Maths made outstanding progress. The Progress 8 score for this group of students, who received the extra support through the catch up funding, was +0.45. This was well above average progress against other students of this ability nationally.

Strategy for 2017-18
For the current academic year, we expect to receive in the region of £13,000 for the literacy and numeracy catch-up funding, however receipt of this does not take place until February 2018. This is currently being used as follows: The employment of literacy and numeracy teachers to facilitate in school, small group literacy and numeracy programmes.
• Small literacy and numeracy withdrawal groups including 1:1 with focused literacy and numeracy interventions.
• Reading and spelling tests to assess progress.
• Maths and English catch-up sessions.
• The Accelerated Reader Programme that all Year 7 catch-up students use weekly.
• Enhanced staffing in English and Maths to ensure smaller group sizes for students below level 4 on entry
• Literacy/numeracy interventions through the learning support department.
• Whole school promotion of literacy and numeracy e.g. World Book Day
• Additional staff training to ensure best practice in supporting and intervening to make rapid progress in numeracy and literacy.

Impact of Funding 2016-17
For the academic year 2016-17, the school received £12,123 for the literacy and numeracy catch-up funding. We have set up a programme of events which is repeated annually as we found these strategies successful with our students. The impact of this is that it raises the attainment of students below level 4 in English and Maths to help them achieve the expected secondary school level within a short space of time.

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