House of Parliament Trip 2018

On Wednesday 10th January 2018, 10 students from Regents Park Community College and 20 students from Oasis Academy Lordshill, participated in a trip to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. These selected students currently attend a 'Debate Club' at their respective schools where they are able to debate local, current and worldwide issues and topics.

The morning of the trip consisted of the students having a tour of Westminster Abbey. Here the students learned that the House of Commons as we now know it was once situated in Chapter House within the Abbey and once held both the Domesday Book and a copy of the Magna Carta.

In the afternoon, students were given the opportunity to tour the Houses of Parliament, including a viewing from the public gallery of the House of Commons, where a debate about the NHS was being held. Afterwards, the students were invited into the Houses of Parliament Education Centre, where they devised a new 'law' to be passed and debated whether it would be effective in our society. Our students proposed that there should be a ban on all animal testing.

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