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Feedback from the community on the event at Regents Park 5/10/17

Update on event Regents Park Community College 5th October 2017

At 8.05am on the 5th October the school received a message on the school phone to say that there was a bomb in the school. Students and staff were already arriving and were onsite. The school took the decision as a precaution to evacuate the school site, sending students and staff to an external sports area. Our main concern was the safety of your children in our care.

The police were phoned immediately and arrived shortly after. Following their detailed investigation, it was concluded that this was a malicious phone call and that the site was safe to re-enter. The police will be continuing their investigation.

It was decided to send students home when it became clear that the investigation was taking some time and the weather deteriorated. Safeguarding was always a priority.

I have to congratulate students’ impeccable and calm behaviour . I would like to thank all parents and staff for their support.

I have been overwhelmed by the feedback I have received and I would like to share some of the comments


‘Dear all

Upon walking my children to their primary school today I realised you were staging an evacuation followed by a school closure.

All pupils I have seen today have been calm and sensible and a credit to the school during the evacuation and then afterwards on the local high street and those sat having a quiet drink in costa behaving better than alot of adults.

Today people are too quick to moan about everything so I just thought it would to good to give some positivity across to them and credit to the school in difficult unexpected circumstances.

Hopefully this gets passed onto them and all involved.

Kind regards

(Local resident)’


‘Good evening,
I just wanted to email to say thank you to all staff for how well the situation was handled today.  As parents we were kept well informed about what was happening and you made sure I knew ……  was coming home when the need arose, by way of ensuring he had text me and that I had replied.  I have every confidence in the school in keeping my son safe in the event of an emergency and today reinforced that view.
Parent  – Year 9 ‘
“There was good communication and I’m happy with the way the school dealt with it.
Parent of two current Regents Park students


Hampshire Constabulary Media Release

UPDATE: Incident at Regents Park Community College

We have arrested a 21-year-old man from Southampton in connection with this incident.

He is currently in custody.

****** Police were notified this morning after a bomb threat was made to Regents Park Community College, Southampton, by telephone.

The school took the decision to evacuate the pupils and staff, and a search was carried out.

Police attended as part of the investigation and we are currently treating this as a hoax. Nothing suspicious has been found at the scene.

At this time, it is believed the threat was a malicious hoax and there is no direct risk to pupils, staff or the wider community. Enquiries are ongoing.

We take hoaxes extremely seriously. They divert police resources and cause disruption and alarm to the public.

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