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Let’s Get Political: Year 11 Girls Take Part in BBC Show

In March ex-student and current BBC reporter, Emma Vardy, visited Regents Park Community College to discuss feminism in the 21st Century. As part of a feature for BB2’s Daily Politics show, she interviewed Year 11 girls about their aspirations and whether they thought sexism was an issue in education and the workplace.

The girls spoke confidently about gender sterotyping and their plans for the future. Unafraid to speak out, the girls were adamant that employment should be gained on the basis of ability, rather than gender, with some arguing against positive discrimination. It seems that not only do Regents Park girls have high expectations for their future, they do not want any special consideration. They simply want equal rights, equal opportunities and equal pay. And quite rightly so!

The discussion was broadcast on BBC 2 on Wednesday 8th March to coincide with International Women’s Day.

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