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KS4 history trip brings GCSE learning to life!



A recent educational trip to Berlin for Year 10 and 11 students gave Regents Park students the chance to contextualise GCSE learning. Students were positive about the experience and felt that the trip enriched their learning. Here are two students’ accounts and reflections of the KS4 Berlin trip.


“At the end of last term we went on an educational trip to Berlin for 5 days. The trip was a success leaving us with an open mind and a clearer view on what really happened in Germany, during the Nazi regime and the Cold War.

We got to visit many historical sites such as Sachsenhausen concentration camp, The Berlin Wall and the Reichstag. It was exciting but also shocking to see how some minorities were treated in Germany and also how the city was divided for so long.

I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute and it gave me a thirst for more knowledge about how certain events happened. It also gave me a better understanding than I had. I thank all of the teachers that made this happen!”

Crystal Turner Brightman – Year 10.


“I enjoyed visiting the Berlin Wall and learning about the meanings of the drawing on it. I also enjoyed the walking tour of Berlin and going to the site of Hitler’s bunker and visiting Checkpoint Charlie. My favourite part of the trip was shopping because I was confident to buy souvenirs for my family and friends whilst speaking German.”

Lucy New – Year 10


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