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Imperial War Museum

On Friday 5th May the History department took 47 Year 8 students on a visit to the Imperial War Museum in London.  During this time we explored the WW1 exhibition, the Cold War experience and the Spy section.

In the WW1 exhibition students got to explore the “chill” of the trenches as they walked through a mock-up of a trench.  They could hear the sounds and feel the “smell” that drifted through the trenches.  To add to the experience students were able to use periscopes to see “over the top” into No Man’s Land.  They also got to see how they measured up for active duty!

In the Cold War Experience, students were able to become real life spies and attempted to break the codes that had been set. Well done to Rodraich Hurnn, who was able to successfully break the code – “Agent Frost lands today!”.


All in all the students enjoyed the day and saw first-hand how history has shaped the country they live in today.

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