Whole School Numeracy

Numeracy is considerably more than just the ability to do basic arithmetic; it is a student’s proficiency in the confident and competent use of numbers and measures. A numerate student has a sense of the size of a number and where it fits into the number system, can accurately and efficiently (both mentally and with pencil and paper) draw on a range of strategies to calculate mathematical problems. In addition they should be able to judge the reasonableness, or otherwise, of solutions and check them, giving results to a suitable degree of accuracy.

At Regents Park we work hard to build on the numeracy strategies employed by our feeder schools and have introduced a ‘Numeracy Passport’ in Year 7 where students move from one continent to another once they have shown proficiency in tackling some of the key areas such as times tables, square and cube numbers, prime numbers, roots, factors and multiples.

In Key Stage 3 homework may include tasks focused on learning key terms or formulae as well as students preparing their own starter activities to test the class on their numeracy skills. Further time is devoted to numeracy within the tutor programme where one tutor time each week focuses on a fun numeracy activity which may include matching exercise, spotting the odd one out or competing against the clock at Countdown.

When pupils enter in Year 7 any student identified as having low levels of numeracy is provided with additional support which may be within their maths lessons or on a one to one intervention programme. This is to enable them to “catch up” to the level of students in their year group and provide them with the confidence needed to go on to make further progress. Intervention is also targeted at pupils in Key Stage 3 who are not making three levels of progress, often as a result of poor numeracy skills.

Clubs and activities:

Key Stage 3 – Maths Clinic. Mrs Crookes is available on Wednesdays 2.40 – 3.30pm in room 36 to support students who may be needing further guidance to help them with class or homework
Key Stage 4 – Pi Club. Year 11 students meet over hot chocolate and a croissant to work on key areas to enable them to make further improvements towards their GCSE (Thursdays 7.50 – 8.25am in room 32)

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