PSHE Schedule


Our programme for the study of Personal, Social, Health and Economic education has been created in consultation with students, staff and governors. Through a variety of workshops, presentations and productions we aim to safeguard students, support them spiritually, morally, culturally and physically, and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

The PSHE sessions are all delivered by specialist external providers exploring the key themes of Relationships, Body Awareness, Risk and Money Management.

In addition, assemblies each week will also have a PSHE focus and will be delivered by different departments across the school. As ever, your child’s Progress

Tutor and Head of Year will always be on-hand to support in cooperation with outside agencies.

Schedule for 2017

Love Yourself Week: WC 9th January
Year 7 – Body Image & Puberty Workshops
Year 8 – Puberty & Emotional Wellbeing Workshops
Year 9 – Stress Sessions

Look After Yourself Week: WC 13th March

Year 7 – Fire Safety Assembly
Year 8 – Dangerous Relationships Workshops
Year 9 – Alcohol Workshops
Year 10 – Drug Workshops
Year 10 – Consent Extended Assembly
Year 11 – Road Safety Extended Assembly

Money Management: WC 22nd May

Year 8 – Money Twist Workshops
Year 10 – Money Twist Workshops

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