The English Department’s main aim is to develop the students’ ability to meet the demands of modern life in both written and verbal communication.

The curriculum, in Years 7, 8 and 9, is currently in the process of being redeveloped in order to dovetail into the new GCSE syllabus. (Key Stage 3 has not actually been examined nationally since 2008). As a department, we are aware of the changes and the rigours of the new examination process so are conscientiously working to make sure our students are GCSE ready.

The Department for Education has introduced a new policy which aims to create a seamless numerical grading system taking students from Year 1 through to Year 11.

Secondary progress will be achieved over the 5 years with the students aspiring to make at least 1 step of progress for each of these years; 3 steps of progress will be the expected starting point when joining us.

The terminal examinations expect the students to have a fully comprehensive understanding of the subject; after studying a wide range of texts from both the Canon of English Literature and from high quality modern contemporary works. Students will be encouraged to respond critically, identifying and interpreting themes whilst explaining the relevance and presentation of written content. It is our intention that all students are entered for Edexcel GCSE English Language and English Literature examinations in Year 11, demanding high standards of work from all students, whatever their ability

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