Leisure and Tourism

Southampton’s largest industry sector is tourism and the leisure and tourism industry is one the UK’s largest employers, offering a variety of exciting and rewarding career possibilities.

GCSE Leisure and Tourism gives young people the opportunity to develop a sound knowledge and understanding of the industry, providing them with a first step onto the career ladder.

This course gives students the chance to:

  • understand people’s changing leisure activities and travel behaviour
  • investigate changes in the pattern of tourism, including the issue of sustainability
  • study employment in leisure and tourism and the issues faced by the industry including health and safety
  • explore leisure and tourism activities in the UK and abroad, including the businesses and organisations which make up this industry
  • gain skills in applying knowledge to real-world situations, including planning and carrying out investigations
  • analyse and evaluate evidence and sources to make reasoned judgements and draw conclusions.

This course is assessed mainly through controlled assessment and can support vocational career opportunities and progression on to further study.

Information sourced from http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/leisure-and-tourism/gcse/leisure-and-tourism-4840

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