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Read all about it: BBC School Report 2016

BBC School Report 2016

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Sam gets ready to film.

Sam gets ready to film.


Every year RPCC students in Year 8 take part in the March ‘BBC School Report’ news day.

This is a programme run by the BBC where students work to a deadline reporting local and national news stories. It is designed to give students an understanding and experience of what it would be like to work in a real newsroom.

Students prepare  during their English lessons, learning what a news report should look like. They also learn how to proofread and develop presenting skills. Finally students learn just how important effective teamwork is in the world of journalism.FullSizeRender[1]

This year, Mrs Cox and students from 8BX spent Thursday 10th March in the library – which was converted into a busy newsroom, complete with a green screen for reporting stories. Local stories included: the plight of a local girl for a lifesaving stem cell transplant; premiership ticket price caps and a local fire which almost snatched the lives of a family, whilst national stories included: the outbreak of the Zika virus; the EU referendum and energy price caps.

Kate of 8BX had this to say about taking part: ‘I liked the fact that we actually got to write and film our stories; we didn’t just sit there and learn about writing and reporting, we actually got involved.’

Alfie added: ‘It gave me the opportunity to research, write and film stories, which I really enjoyed.’

Mrs Cox and Mrs Ukahi help edit the news.

Mrs Cox and Mrs Ukahi help edit the news.

Students worked tirelessly during the day, demonstrating initiative, reliance and maturity. A big thanks goes the Mrs Cox for organising and running this event and to Mrs Ukahi who supported for the day.




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