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Farm School

On Wednesday 20th September three of our new Year 7 students took part in Farm School at the farm of Mrs Rogers near Botley. The first task was to walk some of the dogs, springer spaniels. Whilst on the walk the students checked some of the devices left by the ecology surveyors, for smooth snakes and dormice. Unfortunately they were all empty! This was much to the relief of Mrs Robertson – who is not a fan of snakes!
After the dog walk, followed some sweeping up of acorns which are falling from the oak trees at the moment and are very dangerous to horses if they eat them (and to Mrs Rogers – who is thinking of starting a new Olympic sport of figure skating on acorns!) Grooming and mucking out the lovely Victor (a big, gentle Irish draught horse) followed even the most nervous students managed to get up close to him. Some could not resist a cuddle.
Collecting eggs and getting to touch Clara Cluck one of the chickens was also a highlight. Everyone got an egg they had collected to take home to cook! Although one of the older children did tell one student that if they buried it in the ground it would grow an egg plant – so watch this space for further developments!
Following the visit it is really important that hands are washed thoroughly so it is in to the house for scrubbing and disinfection before a drink and snack and the real excitement of the trip – being allowed to use the ice and water machine on the fridge! A great morning was had by all and the behaviour was amazing!
Mrs Rogers

Get Inspired – Southampton

Football Enrichment Day

On Tuesday 12th September we held our third Football Enrichment Day. All spaces were taken and the boys had a fantastic day. This day is designed to help prepare our students for participation in the Southampton Schools’ Football League. The day comprised of practice drills to introduce and develop key skills necessary for successful play; workshops to develop understanding of key rules, strategies and tactics, and a tournament. All ably assisted by 5 Year 9 and 10 students.

All players worked hard and there was a great ‘buzz’ in the sessions. Well done to all that attended and training will continue on a Wednesday after school (see PE extra-curricular notice board for specific dates). Unfortunately, Oasis Lordshill have postponed our match on Monday 18th September. Our first match will now be against Cantell on 25th September.

Team v Cantell


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