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Library News

I cannot believe it has been a full school year already. Thank you once again to everyone that has made me so welcome here at Regents Park. It has been a year full of changes, hopefully for the better! I hope you all enjoyed visiting the library during the school fete on July 13th and found something to interest you amongst the books provided by Usborne books. A thank you should be extended to Mrs Freeman and Ms Bambrook from Usborne for making the evening possible. If you missed out on the fete we still have some second hand books available in the library for free.

End of year congratulations:

Well done to all the students who have taken on the challenge of Accelerated Reading and improved their reading ages this year. Below are the most improved students across Years 7 and 8.

  Most Quizzes Completed Most Points Collected Most Improved

(in years and months added to reading age)

GOLD Arash Najd

41 quizzes

Mathilda Parker

118.9 points

Arash Najd


SILVER Emma Gorsuch

38 quizzes

Arash Najd


Manpreet Taak


BRONZE Minshal Muneer and Dawid Sikora

30 quizzes

Talal Alzahrani


Patryk Krawczyk


Accelerated reader results 2016 – 2017


Congratulations also to Hannah McArthur and Aaron Lacey for their Library Service Award.

Once again a special mention goes to all my student librarians for their hard work this term.  I am continuously impressed by how enthusiastic you all are and I hope to continue working with you all next year.

Stay tuned for the winner of the 2017 reading challenge in the new term!

Imperial War Museum

On Friday 5th May the History department took 47 Year 8 students on a visit to the Imperial War Museum in London.  During this time we explored the WW1 exhibition, the Cold War experience and the Spy section.

In the WW1 exhibition students got to explore the “chill” of the trenches as they walked through a mock-up of a trench.  They could hear the sounds and feel the “smell” that drifted through the trenches.  To add to the experience students were able to use periscopes to see “over the top” into No Man’s Land.  They also got to see how they measured up for active duty!

In the Cold War Experience, students were able to become real life spies and attempted to break the codes that had been set. Well done to Rodraich Hurnn, who was able to successfully break the code – “Agent Frost lands today!”.


All in all the students enjoyed the day and saw first-hand how history has shaped the country they live in today.

Mayflower Theatre Workshop

Performing Arts Students from Years 8, 9 and 10 took part in a musical theatre workshop facilitated by a professional actor from the Mayflower Theatre.

The work will eventually form part of a b rand new musical in 2020 about Southampton and The Mayflower’s (ship) original journey to America in the 1700s. The theatre is visiting several schools in Southampton, but our workshop was the first, of the journey towards devising the brand new show.

The group discussed the importance of the journeys we take in our lives and then they explored a song from a film linked to the theme.

The group then created a series of tableaux and scenes about leaving and the reasons behind them.

It was an excellent workshop and we look forward to the show being developed over the next two years.


Mrs Freeman

Thinking Ahead: KS3 students consider their futures with ‘Into University’

This week selected Year 7 and 8 students took part in sessions run and organised by Into University, an organisation which focuses on encouraging students to succeed in education and beyond.

Year 8 students, who begin their GCSEs next academic year, evaluated their own learning styles and how they can use this understanding to help with exam preparation and revision. Students then learned about different careers and the qualifications and experience needed.

Year 7 students focused on key skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving. Their practical sessions involved the human knot, blindfolded puzzles and line whisper drawings!

Students competed as teams for points and prizes and one student from each year group won a memory stick in recognition for their positive contributions to the sessions. In Year 8 this went to Daniel Gill and the Year 7 prize went to Riley Knowles.

Thanks to Into University for delivering such engaging and productive workshops for Regents Park KS3 students.

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