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Summer Fete


On July 13th 4 – 7pm 2017 Regents Park Community College will be holding their first ever Summer Fete.

Regents Park is extremely proud of what they have achieved over recent times and we would like to celebrate that success.

We hope you can join us and visit the tombola, Bric A Brac, cake and textiles stalls, as well as taking part in the ‘Penalty Shoot-out’ for parents, Geography scavenger hunt and see some of the amazing work from our artistic students in the exhibition room and music recitals.


Choctastic Geography Trip to Cadbury World

This week Year 8 students visited Cadbury World in Birmingham. The comprehensive educational visit taught students about the chocolate journey: from Ghana to our local shops. The history of Cadbury and the story of Bournville (which got its name from the river Bourne and the fashion at the time for using French words, in this case ville meaning town) was described, experienced and watched at various stages of the day.

A talk was given about the business, marketing and profile of the company, but also the Fair Trade ethics were explored and explained both formally in the talk and as an intrinsic part of the experience.

As well as the serious side of the visit, there was lots of fun too! Students experienced the Aztec Jungle, chocolate making, the 4D Chocolate Adventure, Advertising Avenue and much, much more…

Of course there were plenty of opportunities to taste chocolate: free bars on entry, melted chocolate samples with a choice of fillings and a very well stocked and tempting Cadbury shop.

Year 8 students commented that they had had a fantastic time and loved the whole Cadbury experience – especially the free chocolate!

Poisson d’avril

In the United Kingdom, we have April Fool’s day on the 1st, but in France the day is called “Poisson d’avril” (April fish). Traditionally children stick paper fish to each others backs.

April Fools Day itself is thought to have originated in 16th century when King Charles XIV switched France to the new Gregorian calendar. Prior to this, New Year’s was celebrated from 25 March 25 to 1 April according to the Roman calendar. Those who hadn’t heard about the move or who chose to still celebrate New Years on April 1st were made fun of as ‘fools’.

At RPCC, in honour of Poisson d’avril the MFL department hid over 100 paper fish around the site, triggering an almighty fishing frenzy. The students who found the most fish and therefore had the most points were Ashleigh Mpofu and Teigan Payne in Year 7. Bon effort!

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