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Letters to Parents

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Letters to Parents




After months of public campaigning by politicians on the EU Referendum, the most important people finally got their say: the Regents Park students! In each of the Year Assemblies students found out about how the European Union was formed and listened carefully to the arguments for each side. Several students bravely got up on stage to state the cases for ‘Remain’ and ‘Leave’ and did so with a maturity and confidence which showed how well they had done their research.

Students then got their opportunity to put democracy into practice by writing a cross in the box of their choice and placing their slips in the ballot boxes. It was clear from an early stage that the ‘Remain’ side would be victorious, despite a late surge in ‘Leave’ votes from the Year 9s! The result reflects the pride that all students have for living in Britain and the community cohesion that we have here at Regents Park.

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