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Ofsted HMI visit 4th & 5th June 2014


On 4th and 5th June 2014 Regents Park welcomed Stephen Long (HMI) and an additional inspector to conduct the third monitoring visit.I am pleased to inform you that the school is making progress to be removed from special measures.  The full letter is available by clicking HMI 4,5 June Final letter   here are some of the points from the letter

Achievement of pupils at the school

The gains in achievement reported in the last monitoring inspection have been built on and students are making better progress in all year groups. More lessons include the practical, engaging tasks which the school has identified that students learn from effectively because they help students understand the ideas being studied

The quality of teaching

Staff enthusiasm to improve teaching remains a feature of the school, and they are sharing good practice more effectively. Staff continue to improve lessons to meet students’ varying needs, trying different strategies to ensure students are not all doing the same work, regardless of their ability.

Teachers are checking progress in lessons more effectively, often punctuating lessons with useful discussion and questioning. Some really strong examples were seen of staff reviewing students’ knowledge, sharing good ideas and getting students to test and extend each other’s thinking.

Behaviour and safety of pupils

Behaviour continues to improve and students report feeling safe at the school. Most students now approach learning positively with increasing engagement in lessons. Year 11 students were keen to point out that many have taken full advantage of after-school and weekend revision sessions. Teachers are exploiting students’ willingness to learn more fully, for example being confident that students will usually participate sensibly in discussion

School leaders are rightly setting the bar high for acceptable behaviour while working hard to reduce fixed-term exclusions.

The quality of leadership in and management of the school

Senior leaders are working well as a team to sustain the staff focus on teaching. The executive headteacher provides clear direction and works well with the head of school to manage tasks between them. The capacity of the school’s senior team has grown with support from the partner school. More of the work to improve teaching and monitor the quality of learning is now done by Regents Park leaders.













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